Pet Safety This Halloween

We love halloween but sometimes our pets aren’t as happy as we are to see fireworks and celebrations. Pets can become very distressed and agitated around this time of year. Here are some pet safety do’s and don’ts from DSPCA on how to keep your pet happy.

  • DO ensure that pets always have effective identification. Get your pets microchipped to make sure they are easily found if they escape.
  • DON’T keep pets outdoors during Halloween.
  • DO keep animals inside a bedroom or family room, away from all the commotion for everyone’s safety.
  • DO talk to your vet if your pet gets very scared from fireworks as there is a variety of treatments and medications that can help.
  • DON’T take pets trick-or-treating. Pets can become very distressed and confused by all the noise and activity with strange smells, costumes and loud bangs from fireworks.
  • DON’T let animals near bonfires, candles or other dangerous items.
  • DO make sure that rabbits and other caged animals are safely secured in a garage or outbuilding, away from the sight and sound of fireworks.
  • DO keep pets away from Halloween decorations and tell children not to share any sweets and chocolate with their pets.  Chocolate is very bad for pets.
  • DO take a pet suspected of ingesting a harmful item or substance immediately to a veterinarian.
  • DON’T ignore animals in need.

This Halloween make sure that all your loved ones are safe and sound including your pets. Enjoy this Halloween season.

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